If you’ve tasted Butterbeer at any of the Harry Potter tourist attractions you will know how deliciously butterscotchy it is. We made some at Caroline’s Harry Potter birthday party this year and it went down a storm.

With Caroline being a huge Harry Potter fan we saved up for a special trip to Florida in March 2016 where, as well as nature trails, manatee trips and dolphin spotting, we spent a couple of frenetic days at Universal Studios. Not Wild Mummy’s usual cup of tea but we really enjoyed our time there. What Harry fan wouldn’t?


We sampled Butterbeer at The Leaky Cauldron, The Three Broomsticks and The Hogs Head. In fact it was so delicious we drank it everywhere we could buy it, hot, cold and frozen! Our Butterbeer tankard is from the Harry Potter Studio Tour in the UK.

Potion Making

Want to learn how to make your own butterbeeer – try our simple potion for making a deliciously similar magical beverage.

You will need:

  • Cream soda
  • Squirty cream
  • Butterscotch ice cream sauce
  • Goblets or tankard
  • Spoon
  • Wand


Pour cream soda into a goblet or tankard

1. Pour cream soda into a goblet or tankard

2. Stir in a quarter teaspoon of butterscotch sauce

3. Top with a flourish of Squirty cream

4. Drizzle butterscotch sauce over the cream

5. “Let the feast begin.”



Caroline’s spell may help to remove any unsightly Butter Beer moustaches which may occur:

Flick your wand from left to right in a speedy erasing motion incanting the words  “Dismushtashio!

What are you waiting for? Try some today!

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