My ultimate guide to first-time camping with Kids was a guest post on an outdoor website. Click to read the full article, Camping with Kids, How to Survive and Love it!

As home schoolers, when everyone else is starting on the school run in early September, we have a ‘not back to school’ camping trip with friends.If you haven’t camped with children before read my article on the US website Cool of the Wild for an ultimate guide on how to camp with kids for the first time and enjoy it!

If you get it right, the kids take care of themselves & you get some well-earned Oxygen time*.

Having a snuggle after a long walk on our September camping trip

This September we didn’t stray far from home as our friends had already travelled a long way to get to us.

There was sun bathing, sea swimming (Wild Mummy in the North Sea without a wetsuit..!!), watching the Inshore Fisheries Conservation Authority’s fish stock survey, digging watering holes, kite flying, jellyfish spotting, sand dune exploring, eating sandy sandwiches with melted Jaffa Cakes, tree climbing, stream paddling, bird watching, mini coasteering, a jellyfish ‘ funeral’, dinners at the beach and Harry Potter reading with Wild Daddy who joined us for two nights. Happy days with great friends.

There’ll be future posts on specific camping trips, adventures and ideas so keep checking back.

How to survive and love camping with children

If you are new to camping or have young children and need some tips on making your first camping trip with them, here’s my Camping with Kids article which covers almost everything you need to consider including some cool photos too.

We’d love you to hear your family’s stories and any tips you can add for camping with children.

Here are some photos of this year’s 4-day September trip in beautiful Northumberland.

* Find out more about Oxygen Time in my post Oxygen Time – Energy for Parenting, Energy for Life.