What do you do with leftover pumpkin at Hallowe’en?

Last year Caroline came up with a great idea for using the slimy innards of all the pumpkins we’d carved. She created a disgusting cauldron of sliminess, filled it with wrapped sweet treats and covered the whole thing with a bag.

Only the bravest of trick or treaters dared to risk plunging their hands into the unknown sludge to find out if there really were any treats hidden inside….

Image of two girls in hallowe'en costume making disgusted faces with hands in covered cauldron

Here are our top tips on how to make her brilliant ‘Trick and Treat Pumpkin Guts Lucky Dip’.

You will need:

  • Pumpkin guts – any leftover flesh, seeds and skin
  • Bowl, jam pan or other cauldron-like vessel
  • Black plastic bag (recycled) to cover above receptacle
  • Wrapped sweets (e.g. Haribo)

How to Make Trick & Treat Pumpkin Guts Lucky Dip:

  • Place guts in the ‘cauldron’
  • Pour in the wrapped sweets
  • Mix well with a wooden spoon
  • Incant a spell or charm of goodwill
  • Cover the stew with the plastic bag, taughten and secure in place with tape or yarn
  • Slit a hand-sized hole in the cover

Now, when your Trick or Treaters come calling you can offer them treats but only if they are brave enough to risk a possible trick and very sticky hands!! (we provided a towel to clean up with!)

Image of carved pumpkin, witch doll, candles and bowl of pumpkin guts on table in house
Happy Hallowe’en!!

This year Caroline plans to add tricks to the mix!

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