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Live Life Outdoors – Inspiring Nature Adventures in the Great Wild Wilderness on Your Doorstep


Kids of the Wild is one woman, a child, a dog (and sometimes a husband) taking walks in the wild one mini adventure at a time.

Live Life Outdoors – inspiring nature adventures in the Great Wild Wilderness on your doorstep.

Hi, I’m Lucy, Wild Mum and lover of all things outdoors. My passions are many but my absolute love-drugs are my daughter, nature, walking and writing; the inspirations for this blog.

My vision for Kids of the Wild as a resource for parents and kids is threefold: –


1. Wildlife

A go-to resource for all things wild; nature, wildlife, adventure, activities, raising children, job information for nature & outdoor work. [Wildlife, Jobs of the Wild]

2. Adventure

To inspire EVERYONE to get outdoors, get active, to have adventures and experience nature and the wild first-hand, with ideas, reviews and ‘how to’ guides for growing nature-loving, active children. [Get Outdoors, Wild Indoors, Parenting, Environment].

And we’re actually doing it ourselves. Kids of the Wild is not just a bucket list of good ideas, we’re living it and learning as we go, alongside you.

3. Transformation

To show that transformation really does occur when we allow wildlife, the outdoors and adventure into our lives. I love the difference that nature and fresh air make to my family when we get outdoors. Kids of the Wild offers a writing platform for children of all ages  who’ve been inspired to get into nature to share their adventures and experiences. It also loosely charts various home education activities with my own 8-year old Warrior of the Wild [Education, Children’s Blogs]

If your child would like to submit an article please get in touch here

Caroline’s Cancer

Our journey through unexpected cancer diagnosis. In March 2017 Caroline was diagnosed with a rare Rhabdomyosarcoma in her head. I’m not sure what path the blog will take from here. [Caroline’s Rainbow]

There’s also a 4th thread sneaking into the weave which is my own spiritual journey as I follow a call of the wild which was probably ignored for too long.

A Nature Reserve on Every Doorstep

My lifelong dream is to own a nature reserve but lately I’ve realised that we all have a nature reserve on our doorstep, if we simply tap into it.

Nature and the wild is not some place ‘out there’ nor somewhere to search miles to find. Nature and the wild is right where we are, all the time. We just have to step into it.

On a Wild Mission

To quote our great national treasure Sir David Attenborough,

“No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced.” 

I couldn’t agree more and my mission is to get children using their bodies outdoors in the wild, playing and learning through nature so that, in naturally understanding and appreciating their own needs, they will naturally understand, appreciate and protect our planet.

And there is so much FUN to be had in the great outdoors!

My hope is for my own daughter and all children to grow up with their innate love and respect for the wild stimulated and nurtured through encouragement from us as parents and carers so that whatever they grow up to become, they are always drawn back to nature for solace and sustenance.

We try to live an eco-friendly, ethical and green lifestyle and I believe that when working with the Earth; outdoors, in the garden and beyond, we are nurturing our souls as well as our bodies, hearts and minds.

“We inherit the earth, or so they say,
So do they mean actual soil and clay?
Let us replace what we use today
So our children’s grandchildren
Will have space to play”

– Lucy Holmes, 2011

More About Me?

As a bit of an amateur naturalist my love of the wild began as a toddler and my bookshelves still contain my very first spotter guides, I-Spy and Famous Five books.

When the wild isn’t an option, my garden is my sanctuary. Other passions include dog walking, photography, reading, learning through play, puddle splashing and paddling in the sea as well as sewing, driving my 20-year old camper van, travelling, singing, playing guitar and the occasional whiskey.

My proudest (no longer) secret is that I am unable to stem the tears on seeing a whale in the wild – 5 times and counting.

Work Before Children

Pre-motherhood, I was a police officer for 6 years before moving to London to work in the (disparate) organisations of the NSPCC and later corporate entertainment at the Wimbledon Championships. I helped manage a (then) fledgling music agency in Stoke and worked for an organic food company after helping friends set up a hotel in Mexico. Being Park Manager at a stately home in Warwickshire was my most rewarding job, where I instigated the creation of a Forest School and adopted 28 swans rescued from the Manchester Shipping Canal. I have played Ultimate Frisbee for Great Britain and am a published poet. I have a Certificate in Outdoor Learning, a TEFL qualification and also run my parents’ dog-friendly holiday cottage.

Thanks for Reading, and Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by and please enjoy reading about our outdoor escapades and activities in the wild.

Fellow bloggers please get in touch and say hello.


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