My little Wild One turned 7 today! (not a typo in the title by the way, it marks the day that, 7 years ago, I gave birth. So it’s my birth day too.)


2 hours old

It is truly remarkable that those years have passed so quickly, filled with joy, pleasure, turmoil, frustration, pain, euphoria, tears, happiness – the emotional thrill ride of parenting. Motherhood brought me cherished contentment, complete with it’s every hardship and every last drop of delicious unconditional love; given and received. My gratitude for the gift; the blessing that is my little girl, is beyond the power of words.

Warrior Girl

Sometimes, as she skips down a supermarket aisle or the wind niggles her hair, I am struck  with the odd sensation that less than 8 years ago not one atom nor cell of ‘Her’ existed. Where once was nothing there now walks an incredible little being, solid, real and alive.

And the thought that my body grew her is something even more bewildering.

Warrior Lion-child, aged 4

She has the heart of a lioness and the temperament of a warrior, mixed with the malleable, unwieldy timidity of a child; a soul in training. And she teaches me something new every single day, usually about myself!

Magic 7

Seven is a pivotal year in many philosophies. Some suggest it takes the female body 7 years to fully recover from childbirth. Some say that every cell in our body is completely renewed every 7 years. In Waldorf education, children only start formal learning at age 7, before which they revel in the freedom of physicality and learning through play. Many spiritual teachings across the globe are based on the principal of 7-year life cycles.

Whether it’s a 7 year thing or not, as I look back over the rush of time that has marked her life, this birthday feels particularly special. There’s a subtle change in her understanding of emotional control, and changes in me too; this blog to start with.

girl in tree with fields behind

We’ve had a wonderful celebration of her birth today; a Harry Potter party at the beach, a gazillion bear hugs, her first trampoline, all surrounded by family, friends and love.

Love is The Key

These last 7 years have brought the most incredible amount of love into the world, into my life, our families’ lives and Caroline’s life. That’s the secret of children. They increase the world’s love, they nurture our souls as we nourish theirs.

Happy, HAPPY birthday gorgeous girl.

I am as in love today with your chubby pink toes and your disarming smile as I was when you were born (though those first smiles were undoubtedly relief after particularly effective parps!)

Happy 7th birthday

I am in awe of your vibrancy and love of life and can’t wait for the next 7 years of wild adventures with you.

Don’t Forget Mum

And Happy Birth Day to me! When Caroline was one, my beautiful friend Julia noted that we do an amazing thing, us Mums, when we bring a new soul into the world, both for ourselves and our newborns.

Giving Birth Day

On your child’s next birthday please take a moment to recognise and celebrate your achievement on the anniversary of the day you gave birth. You deserve it.

Today I celebrate 7 years of Birthdays, Giving Birth Days and above all, LOVE.

Two of my poems dedicated to Caroline are published in an anthology, read the review at Musings on Mothering

Update: Caroline’s 7th year turned out to be deeply difficult; read her story at Caroline’s Rainbow