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About Me

Image of woman in blue floral dress on lying on grass next to black dog

The face & paws behind Kids of the Wild

Hello and welcome to the wild!

I’m Lucy, outdoor Mum, wife, parent of an 14-year old childhood cancer survivor, writer, blogger, home educator, lover of animals, nature & all things wild.

I’m the creator and writer of Kids of the Wild, hoping to get you and your family outside more even if you think you don’t have time.

I am the Outdoor Adventure Columnist at BritMums, a published poet in the anthology Musings on Mothering and was commissioned by The Times newspaper in 2019 to write about my daughter’s cancer.

I share my family’s experience of the benefits and restorative effects of spending time outdoors, in the wild and nature, including during serious illness, both with children and as parents (which I call Oxygen time) aiming to encourage you to enjoy life outdoors.

Image of woman with long brown hair in floral blue dress sitting on grass writing with black dog next to her

My blog isn’t just a bucket list of cool ideas, I’m trying to get outside more too, living it and learning as I go, alongside you.

Start reading here for ideas on how to create a new life for your family with just a little more outdoors! To work with me click here.

One woman, a child, a bear and a dog

Mini Adventures, Maximum Outdoors

Kids of the Wild is one woman, a child, a dog (and sometimes a husband) taking walks in the wild one mini adventure at a time.

My passions are many but my absolute love-drugs are my cancer-survivor daughter, nature, walking and writing; the inspirations for this blog.

Image of 4 children raising a large log over a ditch among greenery in a wood

Childhood Cancer

Our journey through childhood cancer began in March 2017 when my warrior girl was diagnosed with a stage 4, rare, inoperable Rhabdomyosarcoma in her head, aged 7.

The blog took an unexpected path from there but my vision remains the same. Caroline is currently in remission and is processing her experience by writing about it from her bear Otto’s perspective! [Caroline’s Rainbow, Otto the Bear]

My Vision

To be an outdoor resource for parents, carers, youth groups and families with kids: –

1. Wildlife

A go-to resource for all things wild; nature, wildlife, adventure, activities, raising children, job information for nature & outdoor work. [wildlife & nature connection, Jobs of the Wild]

Image of blue and green damselflies mating in heart shape formation on piece of rope next to pond
The mating ‘heart’ of Common Blue Damselflies (female is green), as taken by Caroline aged 8

2. Adventure

To inspire EVERYONE to get outdoors, get active, to have adventures and experience nature and the wild first-hand, with ideas, reviews and ‘how to’ guides for growing nature-loving, active children. [Get Outdoors, Fun Indoors, Parenting, Environment]

Image of child in coloured top and red wellies standing on peak of hill overlooking distant lake with hill landscape and sky behind

3. Transformation

To show that transformation really does occur when we allow wildlife, the outdoors and adventure into our lives. I love the difference that nature and fresh air make to my family when we get outdoors. [Education, Reviews, Inspiration]

There’s also a 4th thread sneaking into the weave which is my own spiritual journey as I follow a call of the wild which was probably ignored for too long.

Kids & Young People’s Writing

Kids of the Wild offers a writing platform for children of all ages to share their outdoor adventures and experiences. [Children’s Blogs] Submit your child’s article here

Image of girl in blue coat, hat and wellies holding teddy and writing while sitting on large rock on rocky coastline with sea behind
Wild kids can write anywhere!

Nature on your Doorstep

My lifelong dream is to own a nature reserve but lately I’ve realised that we all have a nature reserve on our doorstep, if we simply tap into it.

Nature and the wild is not some place ‘out there’ nor somewhere to search miles to find. Nature and the wild is right where we are, all the time. We just have to step into it.

Image of close up of child's captivated face looking at sitting butterfly on child's hand

Wild Mission

To quote our great national treasure Sir David Attenborough,

“No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced.”

I agree wholeheartedly and my mission is to get our children to be active outdoors in the wild, playing and learning through nature so that, in naturally understanding and appreciating their own needs, they will naturally understand, appreciate and protect our planet.

And getting outdoors is so much FUN!

2Image of group of children wearing wetsuits in a river all making a huge splash and throwing weeds

Wild Hopes

My hope is for my own daughter, God willing, and all children to grow up with their innate love and respect for the wild stimulated and nurtured through encouragement from us as parents and carers so that whatever they grow up to become, they are always drawn back to nature for solace and sustenance.

I try to live a green lifestyle and I believe that when working outdoors, in the garden and beyond, we are nurturing our souls as well as our bodies, hearts and minds.

Image of woman in navy clothing with dark hair and sunglasses with child in striped top holding teddy in field of poppies

“We inherit the earth, or so they say,
So do they mean actual soil and clay?
Let us replace what we use today
So our children’s grandchildren
Will have space to play”

– Lucy Holmes, 2011


Thanks for stopping by, are you ready for some inspiration?

Check out some outdoor escapades and activities you could try today.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Image of woman in red top cuddling girl in blue ball dress with semi-bald head

Still Want More About Me?

Work & Play Before Children

I’m a bit of an amateur naturalist beginning in toddlerhood apparently! My bookshelves still contain my very first spotter guides, I-Spy and Famous Five books.

When the wild isn’t an option, my garden is my sanctuary.

Other passions include dog walking, photography, reading, learning through play, puddle splashing and paddling in the sea as well as sewing, driving my 20-year old camper van, travelling, singing, playing guitar and the occasional whiskey.

My proudest (no longer) secret is that I am unable to stem the tears on seeing a whale in the wild.

I’m now a stay at home Mum, writer and home educator but pre-motherhood, I was a Jackie of all trades! A police officer for 6 years in the Midlands, I later worked for the NSPCC in London and a corporate entertainment firm at the Wimbledon Championships.
I helped manage a (then) fledgling music agency in Stoke and have worked for an organic food company after helping friends set up a hotel in Mexico.
Being Park Manager at a stately home in Warwickshire was my most rewarding job, where I instigated the creation of a Forest School and adopted 28 swans rescued from the Manchester Shipping Canal.
I have played Ultimate Frisbee for Great Britain and am a published poet. I have a Certificate in Outdoor Learning, a TEFL qualification and ran my parents’ dog-friendly holiday cottage for 10 years.

Image of long haired woman in silhouette writing at a table in a riad garden with pool behind in semi-darkness and palm trees
Writing all over the world – a riad in Marakesh, Morocco, expecting Caroline!

Start reading here for ideas on how to create a new life for your family with just a little more outdoors!

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. What a beautiful site relating the healing power of Nature! I share your passion for all-things outdoors. I love to explore rivers (you never know what adventure is just around the next bend), and hike in the mountains. It brings me much peace of mind.

  2. Lucy, these posts are so well written – nicely structured, colourful, full of life, evocative – that I would think a local magazine (or national supplements) would bite your hand off! You’re reliable and committed and do excellent research. What’s not to like! Great posts

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