Today was one of those glorious days when nature gets everything right. January 23rd and we had our first lunch of the year in the garden. I don’t think we’ve ever eaten out so early without a campfire! Who’d have thought it in the north of England? It seems I seriously misjudged the climate up here; it’s nowhere near as cold as expected. Yet.

Check out Fidgie’s tongue..

Winter Seed Planting

Sunny, bright but still pretty cold, we headed to the garden to plant some seeds; Norway Spruce from a midwinter Solstice party, Red Oak acorns from our Christmas visit to Alnwick Gardens plus rosehip and Cotoneaster seeds foraged in December. As we home educate, we get to make the most of great weather whenever it happens, which we certainly did today.

Biodynamic Rhythms Calendar

It was a Root and Leaf day in Biodynamic Gardening  (an extension of organic gardening involving the cycles of the sun and moon to ascertain the best time for planting, harvesting, pruning etc dependent on the plants being grown) – there are particular days for root growth, seeds, fruit and leaves.

I dabble in biodynamics when planting new things. Lots of research has been done in the field though I can’t explain the science personally! Check out an online Biodynamic Gardening Calendar for the best time to get garden jobs done. I may post on this in future.

It was so refreshing out that Caroline decided to ‘tidy’ the garden after planting the seeds (why doesn’t that happen in the house?!) I heated soup and we ate out in glorious sunshine.

I saw a Mouse…

A cheeky Wood Mouse joined us, intent on stealing sunflower seeds we’d put out for the birds. In fact, we discovered the mouse is a squatter in what was intended to be the hedgehog’s home!

It obviously didn’t matter to her that the roof had collapsed. The straw inside was still perfectly dry and full of cherry stone shells when I checked for hedgehogs.

All I can say is “Hello Spring!” and thanks Mother Nature for a sunny, January surprise.

I’d love to hear from anyone else who’s tried Biodynamics – please comment below or let me know on Facebook.

2018 Update – sadly we didn’t get to see these germinate as Caroline’s cancer was diagnosed just weeks after this post and the garden neglected for much of last year. For more gardening articles see Gardening.

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