“Anyone who thinks the art of conversation is dead ought to tell a child to go to bed.”
Robert  Gallagher (don’t know who he is but it’s a great comment!)

So this.

Last night, at bedtime(!) Caroline asked me what is the most common job for men. I told her probably I.T/computers.  She then asked what’s the second most common. I suggested big business; making money from money and obviously had to explain this a little more.

We talked about what makes a job ‘the most common’, concluding that it’s to do with what the people have most need of at a certain time. In another century it would have been agriculture (these days even agriculture is based around computer technology).

“Mummy,” she said “I think the most common job for men is a Daddy. Or a Stepfather. There are lots of Stepfathers.”

Daddies! Wow.

And what a lovely thing to think about. I learn something new every day from this little soul who is always thinking and feeling and wondering and explaining life to me and who constantly gives me new perspectives and ways of considering the world – my window on the soul!

In this age of feminism, castigation of stay at home Mums, governments aspiring to get all women back to work and men feeling ever-increasing pressure to have high incomes, the wisdom from the mouth of a 7-year old is that being a Daddy is the most common (perhaps read needed?) job for men.

I wonder how many Daddies or Stepfathers would consider their importance in family life as being greater than the amount of money that they bring into the home? There is so much to consider on this point and so much that could be said.

I won’t presume to philosophise on Caroline’s thoughts but I’ll leave you to ponder your own.

And here’s a shout out for Kevin Stoodley who we met on our awesome Kids of the Wild Tree Climbing Day last year, who has taken the tough decision to close his tree climbing company to spend more time with his son. Wild Dads Rock! Thanks for some great wild inspiration Kev, good luck for the future and respect for putting family first.