Wild Daddy surprised me with a clandestine purchase of this informative little campfire recipe book from probably the best second-hand bookshop in the country, Barter Books, in Alnwick. It’s an ideal book to take on family outdoor adventures all year round.

Regardless of the contents I was immediately taken with its brilliant waterproof zip-up cover, an ingenious idea for any book which gets used outdoors in all weathers.


It’s clean, concise, well laid out and the pages with fake coffee stains and muddy footprints raise a smile every time.


Written by Dan & Pam Philpott who between then have produced 55 food, drink and travel books, The Campfire Cookbook contains over 80 easy recipes with great photos of both the food and inspirational travel and camping locations.

Not Just Cooking

The book includes advice on choosing food for camp trips as well as what cooking equipment to take and campfire lighting tips.

campfire-cookbook-inner-spread-with-photo-of-mountainsCampfire Companion

For seasoned hikers and campers who want to cook and eat well on the trail it’s an excellent campfire companion, with lots of recipes that I will be trying myself.

I confess to being slightly daunted by the idea of attempting this level of cooking in the wild with a 7-year old in tow.

Cooking on a campfire in the garden though, that’s a whole other thing.

Garden Campfire Solution

This useful little book provided inspiration for a new Kids of the Wild series encouraging outdoor fun at home – urban campfire cooking!

For anyone with young children, experiencing and practising campfire cookery in the safety of your own back garden is a great way to start an outdoor adventure and build up to cooking in the wild.

My post The Urban Cookfire explains how to set about cooking in your own garden.

Courtesy of Joey Holmes

If you have any camping recipes please email me as I will l be posting Urban Cookfire Recipes in future. Your recipe could feature!

In the meantime, try something from The Campfire Cookbook for inspiration.

Watch this space for the new series on urban campfire cooking.

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