Here’s another guest children’s post, this time by my own daughter, 7-year old Caroline.

At Kids of the Wild our main ethos is to get people outdoors but we also love to encourage children to write about their outdoor experiences and adventures in nature.

This month I am very proud to include Caroline’s writing on my website, hopefully her first article of many, which she’s been working on during cancer treatment!

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Breamish Valley and Canoeing

By Caroline B aged 7

Last year in June I went to Breamish Valley with my Home-Ed friends. The valley had a stream called the river Breamish and one of our friends had brought a blow up canoe which we had a lot of fun in and we took turns riding in the canoe. The canoe had enough room for two people.

The stream had lots of little Tadpoles near the edge in it and we all tried to catch them and once we caught them we put them back in the stream. I caught them with my hands. But I can’t remember how they felt!

Image of children catching tadpoles amongst rocks in a stream

Image of children, adult and dog at stony river edge with inflatable canoe

The reason we chose that bit of the stream was because it was shallow but deep enough to paddle the canoe and there was a stony ridge that stopped the canoe from floating down the stream but it was shallow enough to be able to jump out.

Children paddling at river edge with inflatable canoe and kills in background

Image of girl in wetsuit paddling in river with inflatable canoe

There was a bit of flat  ground near the bank that was good to park the cars on. But we didn’t park our car there so mummy ended up borrowing a scooter and scooting back in the rain to get our car from the car park at Bulby’s Wood!!

Here are some of my favourite things that we did at Breamish Valley

  • The canoe got lots of water in so my friend Sonny started bailing it out with his wellies!!!
  • Canoeing in the stream
  • Trying to catch the Tadpoles
  • Playing in the rain and in the stream
  • Meeting my friends at Breamish Valley…
  • Having hot chocolate in the van afterwards…

Children in inflatable canoe on river

Image of boy in blue inflatable canoe at riverside bailing out with a welly boot
Sonny’s innovative bailing out method!

I kept warm by putting my wetsuit on half way through…

We’ve been to Breamish Valley since and it is very beautiful but on the day we went canoeing it was a very grey and misty day and we couldn’t see some of the valley’s hills like we did when we went to a waterfall there…… I’d like to go back on a sunny day and do the same thing again! And Mummy wants to go back in the snow!

Mummy says that paddling is called ‘plodging’ in Northumberland.

People on stony river beach in misty valley

Children playing in river with inflatable canoe

Thank you Caroline for this great little insight, let’s hope we make it back there in all sorts of weather!

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