My Caroliney warrior is officially in remission!!!!

There are no words right now, it’s hard to take it in and very emotional. We have rejoiced, cried, hugged, experienced relief, fear, confusion, emptiness, euphoria and Caroline literally jumped for joy on our trampoline after going very quiet at the hospital processing the news that her cancer is gone.

I will post more once it has sunk in properly. See What is Remission? for more insights and the emotion of remission.

One resolute, heroic little warrior!

  • 430 beads of courage
  • 7.5 months of life saving treatment
  • 9 rounds of 3-day chemotherapy
  • 3 different chemotherapy drugs
  • 22 doses of chemotherapy
  • 9.5 weeks in America
  • 31 rounds of proton beam radiotherapy
  • 45 overnight stays in hospital
  • 10,000 miles travelled for treatment
  • 20 different countries where supporting friends live
  • 2 emotional parents
  • 2 incredibly supportive extended families
  • 100’s of supportive friends
  • 1000’s of prayers and positive thoughts
  • 1 irreplaceable teddy bear

THANK YOU ALL for your support and prayers throughout this nightmare, and thank God for the incredible blessing of Caroline’s renewed health.

This post gets in no way close to expressing my intense gratitude for this monumental reprieve. I promise to be more eloquent next time.

Image of multicoloured spiral of hundreds of glass Beads of Courage
A Bead of Courage for every procedure, treatment, achievement and act of bravery, beautiful yet heartbreaking

My post about what remission is and what it means to cancer families is now live at What is Remission?

Read more of Caroline’s cancer journey at Caroline’s Rainbow.

Learn what her cancer journey was like from her famous teddy’ Otto’s perspective!

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