For anyone who read my post about Monday, the Feather Footed Dove who ‘adopted’ us at the start of August, you’ll be pleased to know her adventure has today had a very happy ending. If you missed it, catch up with the story at the dove who came to tea.

After a week of detective work on local Facebook pages and at stately homes, Monday still seemed to be an orphan. She was clearly getting weaker and needed more care than we could give since she wouldn’t allow herself to be caught.

Image of girl in pink top standing on flat garage roof with green net attempting to catch white dove

A neighbour suggested seeking advice from the village lollipop man, Ronnie, who used to keep racing Pigeons.  We called in to see him this evening and it turns out he recently rescued a small flock of Feather Footed Doves, three of whom went off on their own wild adventure a few weeks ago. Monday was one of the intrepid explorers!

Ronnie lent us a net, some pigeon corn and a box carrier and within minutes Caroline was up on our garage roof, net in hand.

Image of smiling girl in pink top holing green net, and white cardboard bird carrier with fields behind

With the right tools for the job Monday was easy to catch and she delighted Caroline with a heart-shaped chest display to show her gratitude for Caroline’s (and her friends’) care and attention.

Image of smiling girl in pink top squatting on flat roof holding white dove with heart shaped chest in her hands with fields, sky and roofs behind
Caroline’s favourite photo – a heart-shaped Monday!

We were over the moon to have found Monday’s home and owner, and Ronnie was just as thrilled to have her back. As was her mate who had waited hopefully for her return!

Ronnie named the bird after Caroline, in her honour. He told us he was in remission from cancer too, and the birds were a kind of therapy, so we had lots in common, and have become new friends.

Ronnie kindly offered to let Caroline pop round to visit Monday/Caroline any time. And we know where to go if we want to properly own some doves in future.

Caroline and Ronnie happily reuniting Monday to her flock

Don’t you just love a happy ending!!

Read about Caroline’s cancer journey at Caroline’s Rainbow and we wish Ronnie all the best for his continued recovery too.

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