Social media is a struggle for me, (I’m almost as big a social media-phobe as GOT actor Rory McCann!) and it’s the bit I find hardest about being a blogger. But I persevere, if a little half-heartedly.

Some months ago however, Twitter showed me a picture depicting various animals, planets and dinosaurs.

Image of Facebook screenshot showing original tweet about a stunning artwork of the creation

Something about the artwork and the story captured my imagination. Some things just touch the heart and can’t be ignored.

Hand drawn with impeccable detail it had apparently been completed by a French illustrator, Bernard Tardieu, to be used for education purposes, very shortly before he suffered a stroke in 2013, which robbed him of his voice and his ability to draw.

I don’t know the people involved and will probably never meet them but my uncle had recently had a stroke and my Gran and Grandad did years ago.

Image of detailed drawing of insects, reptiles, amoeba, a microscope and an early planet Earth

I really liked the drawing, it was very me (and very Kids of the Wild), and the artist’s daughter, Anne, was hoping to turn the drawing into a saleable poster in honour of her father’s last artistic achievement.

I’ve included this close-up of a sperm whale, given that regular readers will know my ‘thing’ about whales and crying… How evocative is this image?

Image of detailed drawing of spern whale, shark and other sea and marine creatures
My favourite image, the Sperm whale

I followed the story (on social media!) for a few months and it was wonderful to finally hear that the project had come to fruition and posters were ready for sale. I offered help with sourcing poster tubes and in return was offered a copy of the poster to review.

The A1 poster is stunning and deeply poignant, and I hope Bernard is aware enough to know that his favourite artwork is now available to the public.

We can’t wait to get ours on the wall. There is hours of detail to discover and enjoy.

Free Copy for Schools or Hospitals

The project may not make any profit but any it does make is hoped to go towards French stroke charities.

If you order a copy for yourself, a free copy is sent to a school or hospital of your choice – what a wonderful idea.

For more information on Bernard and the poster project, and to buy a copy and reserve one for your school, please go to the Tardieu Graveurs website

Image of girl in patterned top kneeling on grass examining large poster drawing of animals, birds, dinosaurs etc

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NB Kids of the Wild received a copy of the poster for the purposes of this review. All views and observations are my own.