If your 2019 New Year’s resolution was to get the kids and family outdoors and into nature more, this cute month-by-month nature almanac by Anna Wilson could be just the thing to encourage and inspire children and adults alike. And you’ve got 365 chances to get started!

The 2019 Nature Month-by-Month Children’s Almanac

This fab little hardback children’s book from Nosy Crow and the National Trust is a sturdy, narrow A5 book perfectly sized for smaller hands and tough enough for outdoor use.

Including a ‘this book belongs to..’ section and a ribbon to mark the page or month, it’s well thought through and beautifully Illustrated by Elly Jahnz.

There are even blank pages at the back for your children’s own nature notes and observations.

Image of double page spread of picture book showing blank pages for writing own notes
Space for your own nature notes

But What is an Almanac?

When is the best time to spot Meteors or go for a wild swim? Where do hedgehogs go in winter? How do you build a nest box and when will you see migrating swans arrive? The answers are all in the Almanac.

Here’s the dictionary definition.

  1. an annual calendar containing important dates and statistical information such as astronomical data and tide tables
  2. a handbook, typically published annually, containing information of general interest or on a sport or pastime.

Combining nature and culture on a Month by Month basis you will learn fascinating facts about topics from Ramadan to wild swimming, Easter traditions and crafts, Imbolc to wildlife identification guides. The 2019 Nature Almanac is jam-packed with ideas and information.

Image of double page spread of picture book showing January and picture of birds singing

Each month details the special days and festivals that occur as well as the anniversaries of famous adventures, discoveries and explorations.

You’ll also find: –

  • poems and rhymes
  • seasonal art and craft suggestions
  • recipes
  • historical fun facts
  • outdoor adventure suggestions
  • nature spotter Guides
  • gardening tips
  • weather astronomy
  • rainy day ideas

I can’t fault this book and I think every family, whether outdoorsy or not, should own a copy. Along with I am the Seed that Grew the Tree for a daily hit of nature poetry to complete your outdoor inspiration.

Caroline’s Thoughts

Caroline has enjoyed using the Children’s Nature Almanac already.

She says “it is nice and simple, showing what you’ll see outdoors month by month. There’s lot’s of variety, good ideas to get people into the outdoors, creating things and planting.”

Image of child's hands holding open book with nature suggestions and pictures of butterflies

Start a Nature or Gardening Club

This year Caroline is starting a gardening club with friends – they’ve called it The Blackbirds Gardening Club – for which she’s already spent a couple of hours preparing tasks, member profiles and goals. Blimey. Very organised. We’re doing up an old garden shed for the Blackbirds! – you’ll be reading all about it in future!

I also started a nature club, The Horseshoe Club, when I was maybe ten-ish. Back then the Nature Conservancy Council (no longer in existence) sent out free nature notebooks and info / literature on nature spotting ideas. My club involved none of the preparation that Caroline has done. I simply took a register of which friends attended.

This Almanac would have been a great asset to me back then and it’s one Caroline is putting on the clubhouse shelf for The Blackbirds.

Buy the Book

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2019 Nature Almanac

NB Kids of the Wild received a copy of this book for the purposes of review. All views and observations are my own (and Caroline’s, aged 9).

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