It’s a couple of years since we made a driftwood tree using wood we’d collected at the beach, and it’s taken all this time to finally get round to making a driftwood star for the top! Today is midwinter solstice so it was a fun way to celebrate the return of the light (even though our star won’t be sparkly or shiny!) There’s nothing like a bit of indoor nature craft when it’s too dreary to get outside.

This is another family-friendly, super-easy tutorial where you will learn how to make a driftwood star or starfish to decorate your Christmas tree, driftwood tree or a seaside themed wall. 

It’s easy enough for children to make – Caroline and her friend made these really quickly today, aged 10 and 9 – provided you supervise them with a hot glue gun if using. Let’s get started! Head out for a little beachcombing to collect your sticks and then settle in for some seasonal nature-inspired crafting.

You will need:

  • 5 Small sticks of driftwood for each star (of similar length and width)
  • Round piece of coin-sized flat driftwood 
  • String or garden twine
  • Seashells (optional)
  • Hot glue gun or Bostik-type glue

Image of 2 driftwood stars with small driftwood sticks behind

What to do:

  1. Select 5 similarly-sized driftwood sticks and 1 flat piece of round driftwood
  2. Arrange the sticks on top of the disc of wood into a star or starfish shape
  3. Glue each stick into place on top of the wooden disc – if using a hot glue gun with children please follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully
  4. Allow the glue to dry
  5. Wrap string or twine over the glued section and securely tie it off. We added a drop of glue to ensure the twine stayed in place
  6. Decorate the centre of the star with a shell, or a string spiral, or leave it plain 
  7. Tie the star to the top of your driftwood tree or hang it on the wall
Image of several bleached driftwood sticks and two pebbles on floorboards
Beachcombing stash
Image of 15 peices of driftwood styled into starfish shapes with a shell for size
Select five similarly sized driftwood sticks
Image of 5 sticks arranged in star shape around circular piece of wood to make driftwood star
Arrange the sticks around a circular disc into a star or starfish shape
Image of two girls sat on floor making driftwood stars with sticks and a glue gun
The girls in deep concentration arranging their sticks
Image of girl using blue glue gun to stick pieces of driftwood into star shape
Take extra care when using a hot glue gun with children
Image close up of girl's hands wrapping string around driftwood star
Wrapping a driftwood star with string option 1
Image close up of child's hands wrapping brown twine around centre of a driftwood star
Wrapping a driftwood star with string option 2

I love watching children in action. It’s fascinating to see how they each have their own take on things and add their own personality and identity to their creations.

Let me know how you get on with this, and if there is anything you would change, especially if crafting with younger children.

Image of 5 fingered star made of driftwood & string with the text how to make a driftwood star
Make your own beautifully rustic driftwood star or starfish

Gorgeous and super-professional – would you guess it was made by a 10-year old? (Giselle Graham eat your heart out!)

Image of two dark haired girls in purple and yellow top in front of Christmas tree holding homemade driftwood stars
Two happy crafters!

More Nature-inspired Craft Ideas

Why not string some seashells together to make coastal tree decorations – ideal on a driftwood tree and very environmentally friendly on a normal Christmas tree. Or collect beach treasures and make a driftwood wall plaque or seashell mobile? Read the simple tutorial for more details.

And don’t forget the wildlife – another great and really simple make to try with the kids is our fabulous homemade hanging coconut birdfeeder.

Image of 4 seashells attached to a piece of string and hung on a driftwood tree
Sea shell tree decorations

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Wild wishes to you all for lots of pre-Christmas midwinter magic. Here’s a photo I took a few days ago proving that the light is never far away even in December!

Image of morning midwinter sunshine glare and reflection in water with silhouette of headland and castle in distance
Wild wishes this midwinter solstice