This is one of my favourite isolation activities to help families and kids banish the boredom during this crazy year of global isolation and lockdown (but you can of course make a time capsule at any time).

Most of our children won’t understand the magnitude of what they are experiencing right now so suggesting they remember it in a time capsule, to store away and open in years to come, is a brilliant idea. Imagine the memories!

These are historic days we are living through and we should definitely record the time for posterity.

I can’t claim the original idea but here’s a mini tutorial on how to make a time capsule with children.

You will need:

  • A suitable box or container for storage
  • Lots of memorabilia
  • Tape or string to seal
  • Bin bag to waterproof
  • An attic or secret cupboard for storage!
  • Lots of patience (so you don’t open your time capsule too soon)
Journal newspaper in box with feather and shells lying on top of headline about school closure during Coronavirus Covid-19
A newspaper & beach treasures from a daily exercise walk during Covid-19 lockdown

What to do:

  1. Collect pieces of memorabilia (see list below)
  2. Place everything safely in the container
  3. Secure the container with tape or string
  4. Place it in a bin bag or plastic bag
  5. Store securely in an attic, basement or secret Harry Potter cupboard
  6. Wait 10 years..can you do it??
  7. Open your time capsule in a decade and be amazed at what’s inside!

Memorabilia to include:

Here’s our list of things your children’s Corona virus time capsule could include: –

  • a local paper with Covid-19 headlines
  • a 2020 dated coin
  • a list of birds spotted from the house
  • a national newspaper
  • a drawing of the family including pets, names, ages etc
  • memorabilia from a day in the garden or nature (we’ve just collected a feather and shell from the beach)
  • a note from each family member with memorable events from recent times
  • photos of today
  • a packet of seeds from 2020 (who thinks they’ll grow in 10 years?!)
  • a letter to themselves including date, age, friends, feelings, favourite things, worries, future plans etc
  • A 2020 postage stamp
  • a painted pebble with the date on
  • a letter from a grandparent
  • a current magazine
  • children’s handprints to show how much they’ve grown (thanks to reader, Elaine, for this idea)
  • a couple of bits of clean toilet paper and a hand wipe for humour!
  • pressed flowers
  • a copy of the Government letter about the pandemic
  • photos of family members doing crazy things…

…like this one!

long red coat and medical face mask during Coronavirus Covid-19 self-isolation
Photograph your family doing crazy things & include in your Coronavirus time capsule

Please comment below with any other ideas you think should be included in the capsule.

I can’t wait to see if I’m still blogging in a decade to check in with everyone and share our crazy Covid-19 memories.

Wild wishes for lots of boredom-banishing, memory-making family fun during isolation and lockdown!

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Here are some suggestions for your time capsule.

2020 Brexit coin! – historic whichever way you look at Brexit..

2020 stamps Star Trek edition – escape lockdown vicariouslyWooden treasure chest box

Wicker basket with lid

Eco-friendly toilet paper but only buy one (!)

A Coronavirus biography