Here’s a simple idea to create nature connections with your children even if you’re short on outdoor space or don’t have a garden – just pop them on the doorstep.

These DIY plant containers made from old welly or walking boots are ideal for when your wild kids grow out of theirs – you can’t get more environmentally friendly than recycling old boots!

How To Plant Up Old Wellies or Walking Boots

1. Take one pair of holey old wellington boots, preferably patterned and definitely not suitable for hand-me-downs.

2. Create drainage holes if they’re not already holey enough.

3. Fill with compost.


4. Plant herb seeds or young plants in each welly boot.

5. Water in, stand in a sunny spot and watch them grow.

6. Take some silly pictures and post them to Kids of the Wild’s Facebook page.

These don’t even require a garden, stand them on the doorstep if you’re short on outdoor space but make sure to water them regularly if they don’t get much rain.

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