Here at Kids of the Wild we love container gardening because our current garden is small. We also love to recycle and upcycle whenever possible. This year we decided to use an old pair of wellies to make a plant container for herbs. It’s a fun kids activity to try with children of all ages.

Kids and wellies…go together like cream and jelly?! Holey herbal wellies, I should write a song!

In this super-easy tutorial you will learn how to recycle wellies or old boots to make welly boot planters for herbs or flowers.

Children’s welly boots work especially well and this garden project is ideal for when your wild kids grow out of their boots but don’t want to part with them – you can’t get more environmentally friendly than recycling old boots!

It’s an outdoor family activity that helps create nature connection with your kids, even if, like us, you’ve got a small garden or outdoor space, or even no garden at all – just pop your boot plant containers on the doorstep.

How to make plant a container from wellies or old boots

You will need:

  • Old welly boots or walking boots
  • Organic peat-free compost
  • Bradawl or screwdriver
  • Herb or flower seedlings or seeds

What to do:

1. Take one pair of holey old welly boots, preferably patterned

2. Create drainage holes with a bradawl or screwdriver if they’re not already holey enough

3. Fill with compost


4. Plant herb seeds or young plants in each welly boot

5. Water in, stand in a sunny spot and watch them grow!

6. Take some silly pictures and post them to Kids of the Wild’s Facebook page

No garden needed, you can stand them on the doorstep if you’re short on outdoor space! Just make sure to water them regularly if they don’t get much rain.

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