BOGS. It’s an odd name for a pair of waterproof boots yet it conjures up just what they’re good for; boggy, marshy conditions. Maybe since it’s a shorter name than ‘wellies’ it’ll catch on!

Kids of the Wild was sent 2 pairs of BOGS earlier this year – a Mummy and a Daughter set which we’ve had great fun trying out and can highly recommend for certain activities.

Image close up of matt pink child's waterproof boot with BOGS written around boot top

Technical Waterproof Boots

BOGS boots are 100% waterproof, made of natural vulcanised rubber with various added technologies for shock absorbing foot support, slip-resistant soles and a sweat-wicking ability, all of which we have discovered work quite well.

Fun Colours & Useful Handles

They come in a variety of colours and patterns (Caroline’s are matt pink, mine are a multicoloured floral design, a little too bright and shiny for me though they do stand out in the crowd and cheer up a dull day) and are sized for all the family from baby to big Daddy.

Image of girl in pink boots, blue coat and red hat sitting on rock in heather with water bottle and bear

All have useful pull-on handles on either side of each boot. This makes getting them on and off very easy in comparison to some wellies which can often feel stuck on and vacuum packed when they refuse to come off!

The boots we trialled were both 3/4 length, shorter than usual wellies but BOGS make longer length boots too.

We gave them some pretty comprehensive (on and off) road testing in streams, rockpools, the sea, hiking (really!), camping, at beach school and forest school and in the garden.

Image of floral patterned waterproof boots photographed on feet from above
Brighten up a dull day with BOGS boots

Multi-activity Boots

The main test was accidentally hiking them in the Lake District when an incident with a stream, a rock and something slimy left Caroline in tears and her proper hiking boots decidedly soggy. BOGS to the rescue!

Dubious as I was about her wearing unworn-in footwear up a rough and rocky 1000 foot (317m) Wainwright, the boots performed excellently with no rubbing nor blisters. They were comfy the whole time and Caroline didn’t get sweaty feet – presumably all due to the aforementioned technical additions. I wouldn’t advocate wearing them for regular hiking but in a one-off emergency they certainly didn’t do any damage to Caroline’s feet.

Image of child in pink boot, dark leggings and greena nd red top standing back to camera on top of mountain with far reaching view over hills and lake behind

They were ideal in the early morning wet grass on camping trips and the same in the garden, as well as at forest school in the woods where there is often damp undergrowth. They are now Caroline’s footwear of choice for her weekly beach school session, great in damp sand and dunes.

School-run Success

I’d also highly recommend them on the school run in wet or snowy weather as they are so easy to get on and off and can quickly be swapped in the classroom for school shoes, without all the hauling and hassle that comes with most normal wellies.

Paddling Palaver

We do a LOT of paddling on our adventures and wear wellies almost daily for something or other. Caroline and I both found the BOGS didn’t meet our exacting standards for adventurous paddling and plodging! With shorter leg-length, wide calfs (part of what makes them easy to get on) and two large hand holes in each boot, it was easy to forget they were shorter, and we either ended up with unexpectedly wet feet or were reticent to go on our usual paddling forays. The longer length boots would suit more adventurous paddlers like us.

So, hiking – unexpectedly, yes! Dog walking, yes! Camping, gardening, forest and beach school, yes! Wet-weather school-run waterproofs, definitely! Paddling and plodging – beware.

What Your Kids Will Love

The choice of bright colours and patterns is a big draw for children and they will definitely love not having to battle to get them on and off. I suspect they’ll love the comfort and lack of sweatiness without realising!

Image of child in pink boots, blue leggings and red and green top climbing over wooden five bar gate with cottage behind


  • Easy to get on and off with wide calf-width
  • Handy side holes for pulling on and off
  • Choice of colour and pattern
  • Fun to wear
  • Fully waterproof
  • Lightweight and comfy


  • Short length and wide calf may allow water in when paddling
  • Hand holes at side can unexpectedly allow water in – deep water paddlers should go for the longer length boots


We love BOGS. They’re a great boot for pulling on and off quickly and easily, perfect in wet underfoot conditions and for the school run when they can be quickly swapped for shoes once in school, but not the best for paddling and plodging – we’ll swap back to our full-length wellies for anything more than a puddle!

Image of girl in dark clothes and pink boots cuddling black dog with pink dressing on one foot
Fidget loved Caroline’s pink BOGS boots so much he asked the vet for one the same!

And when your boots finally get holes in them, why not use them as a fab plant container?!

Get The Gear

To try BOGS waterproof boots click the images for prices at Amazon.




NB Kids of the Wild received two pairs of BOGS waterproof boots for the purposes of this review. All views and observations are my own (and Caroline’s, aged 9).

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