If you are looking for fun, outdoor themed or nature inspired gifts for family and friends of all ages, here are some inspirational ideas.

All are owned, tried and tested by Kids of the Wild; things we’ve loved and recommend, with links to buy online should you wish.

Most present ideas are plastic-free or environmentally friendly and there’s even a fun dog pressie suggestion too!

Gift suggestions include:

  • Animal globe
  • Nature spotting books
  • Whittling knife
  • Indestructible dog stick
  • Flower press
  • River Crossing board game
  • Lottie dolls – realistic body shape/positive role model
  • Finn dolls
  • Wooden farmyard set
  • Wooden train set
  • Kids garden tools
  • Butterfly growing kit
  • Bug hunting kits
  • Wooden Waldorf celebration  ring
  • Nature top trumps card games
  • Dobble card game
  • Lego Friends sets
  • Planet Earth DVD game

Animal Globe & mini encyclopedia

WHO FOR: all the family


Plan your next wild adventure or find out which animals live where with this compact animal globe featuring animals of the world in their country of origin.

The Stellanova Animal Globe is around 20cm tall, perfect for a book shelf, and includes an educational mini-encyclopedia with brief facts on each animal.

Nature Spotter Guide Books

WHO FOR: all ages depending on series purchased

Selection of nature guides in display

All ages – we have lots of wildlife books ranging from ‘My First’ guides, to sticker books, Usborne guides, the fantastic I-Spy books of my youth (which have made a recent comeback) to marine mammal books and guides for specific countries we’ve visited.

Our Seashore guide gets used every year at the beach and the Usborne Big Spotter’s Sticker Book was a bargain buy and is now tatty from over-use! See below to purchase sets of i-Spy books and other spotter guides.

Whittling Knife

WHO FOR: age 18+

Whittling knife with sheath, sharpeners, leaflet and log-shaped box

My beloved whittling knife was a gift from my sister and is great for meditative campfire relaxation or creating larger items such as bows, arrows and walking stakes.

Try this Craftman’s Knife with an enhanced grip and a strong sheath for safe storage or see below for a whittling kit including gloves and multiple tools.

For more info on how to whittle with some excellent photo tutorials read The Little Book of Whittling.

Dog ‘Stick’

WHO FOR: dogs of all ages


After a harrowing near-miss with our beloved puppy, we’re no longer throwing sticks for dogs. I found this hard-wearing, injury-free alternative from Kong which gets a double paws-up from Fidge!

Find out why we never throw sticks anymore in Fidge’s worrisome incident with a sharp stick and the vet.

Flower Press

WHO FOR: all ages


All ages – perfect for preserving and recording plants and great for pressed flower craft. This is my old childhood press but there are dozens of wooden flower press styles out there.

River Crossing Game

WHO FOR: ages 8+ (we think 7)


This Thinkfun logic game is for either one person or team collaboration. Includes 40 challenge cards, logs, stumps and an intrepid Explorer. Work out how to move the logs to cross the river without getting the explorer wet.

Lottie and Finn Dolls

WHO FOR: all ages

We love Lottie dolls’ realistic body shape and positive role modelling. There’s also a male doll called Finn and some come with educational accessories like Stargazer Lottie Doll‘s telescope and planet cards or Fossil Hunter Lottie’s bag of ammonites and tools. The photo shows how they also inspire creative imagination.

Farmyard Set

WHO FOR: age 3+/whole family


This has been a constant favourite in our house with the style of play  evolving as Caroline gets older. Ours is a second-hand Chad Valley set no longer in production but this wooden farmyard is similar. Building a train track around the farm doubles the fun and opportunity for creative expression.

Wooden Train Set

WHO FOR: age 3+’whole family


Did anyone else notice Father Christmas’ train set obsession 4 years ago? Wow, he went mad for Brio on eBay! It was a worthy obsession and we’ve loved the resulting hours of train fun ever since. Ours is (obviously) second-hand but this Brio railway set is a good place to start your collection (and you can always suggest eBay to Santa for any extras you need!).

Gardening Set/Wheelbarrow

WHO FOR: age 4+

A smart idea to get wild kids involved when there’s gardening to be done. The kids garden tool set comes with tools and a starter book and the metal wheelbarrow makes little ones feel all grown up to be helping out.

Butterfly growing kit

WHO FOR: age 4+ with adult supervision


We have successfully grown two batches of caterpillars with this butterfly growing kit. The net is reusable year after year and you can order caterpillars online.

It is thrilling for youngsters to watch the process and see the butterflies emerge to be released into the wild.

Learn how easy it is to use a butterfly kit in how to grow butterflies at home.

Bug Hunting Kit

WHO FOR: age 3+


This Bug Safari kit is a basic set for first-time insect spotters, there are probably more robust ones around. The miniature microscope was a separate gift which again is great for little ones.

Waldorf Birthday Ring

WHO FOR: all the family
Our birthday ring

We were introduced to these delightful 12 piece multicoloured wooden celebration ring decorations by a friend several years ago and they instantly became a new family tradition. Buy base pieces in garland form as pictured or as plain rings; there’s rainbow coloured and even a blue one for Halloween. Add the wooden decorations each year for an added birthday treat.

Top Trumps

WHO FOR: all ages once reading


We play Top Trumps on camping trips, train rides and in the van. Most of the sets, like our Predators pack, are educational too.


WHO FOR: age 4+


Dobble was introduced to us on a camping trip. It is compact to travel with and great fun on a rainy day. We have Dobble Kids but there are other versions including animals and adult games too.

Personalised OS Maps

WHO FOR: all ages

Excellent for anyone who’s just moved house to celebrate their new ‘territory’, as a memory of a special hike or event or simply for those who just love maps. Order from Ordnance Survey online, selecting any UK location as the centre of your map; upload your own cover photo for the finishing touch.

Lego Friends Adventures

WHO FOR: ages 6 – 12


For Lego-lovers everywhere, these Lego Friends Adventure Camp Rafting and Adventure Camp Tree House sets include climbing walls, canoeing, camping, animals and activities such as archery – for the days you can’t get out to do the real thing.

This was a much-loved present and triggered a year of Lego Friends construction with birthday requests for other sets in the collection! Be prepared to take out a loan….!

Planet Earth DVD Game

WHO FOR: all ages

planet earth DVD game

We were recommended this by friends, being lovers of all things Planet Earth. It is an excellent choice which we’ve played lots and a great way to learn more about our incredible planet. Ours came in a limited edition tin with a card game version which is great for camper van fun!

Hope this gives you a little wild inspiration for the coming Christmas season!

Easy Shopping

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Animal globe

Seashore spotter guide sticker book

i-Spy box set

Spot 50…bagged set of 5 spotter books

Whittling kit

Children’s first flower press

Large flower press

3D River Crossing puzzle game

Fossil hunter Lottie doll

Kite flying Finn doll

John Crane wooden farm set

Deluxe Brio wooden train set

Kids metal tool gardening set

Butterfly growing kit


Children’s metal wheelbarrow and kit

Bug safari kit

Children’s microscope


Wooden celebration/birthday ring


Animals Top Trumps cards

Harry Potter Dobble!


Lego Friends nature glamping set


Planet Earth DVD game

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