Kids of the Wild loves publishing children’s writing about their outdoor adventures or experiences in nature. It encourages them to get outdoors into the wild and also to practice writing skills and get published where all the family can read!

This month’s post is a little different, a work of fiction about animals and adventure that the very imaginative Adriana has written for us. It is particularly special because Adriana is Italian – she spent 3 years in the UK where she has clearly mastered the language – and has now returned to Italy, perhaps to pursue a career as an author?!

Thank you Adriana for this lovely story. Keep on writing!

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Koala Caper

By Adriana E aged 10

The Exiting Surprise

In the woods I trampled over some sticks and logs. Could this become more boring? But suddenly, out of nowhere, came a creepy, but interesting voice. I ever so slightly had a feeling that I was very curious about this mysterious sound. So I crept over to were the sound came from,when suddenly I stopped dead in my tracks and saw the most precious thing I had ever seen  . . . . . . .   A BABY KOALA !!! There is a little secret that I always kept from anyone even my dear grandfather which I told everything to. I can talk to Animals! So I waited and waited until I finally picked the koala up and said: “your coming with me.”

An Extremely Cute Beginning

Finally arrived at the campsite were I was going to spend my Easter, I got in my tent were I found my friends playing chess. They turned around and stared at me. They seemed shocked and looked like they had never seen me before! (I explained to them what had happened and why I was holding a precious little koala in my hands.) When they finally calmed down, (since I had explained it to them about 5 times,) my friend Nixie asked me if I could secretly adopt Kelly the Koala.

Image of man, woman, girl and boy in green scout uniforms in front of tents in field
Adriana with her family at camp

A Dangerous Plan

I felt awestruck. What if Nixie was right? What if I did have to adopt Kelly? There was suddenly a strange silence. Without thinking, I suddenly said something that I was ready to do. “I’m going to leave her back!” I said sarcastically. And before you knew it, I was in front of the forest. There was no way I was going to stop or turn back!

Kelly Returns Home

There was the noise again. The same noise I had heard before. I stopped and looked around and made my way to were the sound came from. There it was again, the same little burrow were the baby koala had been lying for it seemed like a long time.” There you go!” I said sadly as I tucked him up in a blanket. ”I most certainly will miss you and I promise I will come and visit you more than once every day!”

A Sad But Understanding Ending

“I wanted to leave the poor koala back to it’s family!” I explained to the chief scout once again. While I was putting Kelly back, Lyla had told the chief scout what I had been up to and why I had been missing all this time. So here I am, back to back with the chief scout explaining to him what had happened .“I am very disappointed  Siena! You will join every activity, but miss out on a bit of free time. Understood?” said the chief stubbornly. ”Yes chief!” I responded. Anyway it was better than going home!


Thank you Adriana for this wonderful, imaginative story, an especially great job since English is your second language – I think we might all have struggled to put Kelly back in the wild if she was as cute as in these photos, (most of which are courtesy of friend of mine in Australia. Thanks Nat!).

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