I’ve used Alexandr Melnik’s jaw-dropping photo for a reason. I defy anyone not to be blown away by his image. What a photographer!

Extreme close-up image of a common fly on a twig covered in dew drops, one reflecting the background inversely, incredible detail

So. It’s Black Friday week again. We’ve already been hit by pre-Black Friday sales, the bargain hunting frenzy is in full flow.

(And you don’t have much time to grab those special offers…..)

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In fact, here’s a selection of wild inspired gifts for anyone desperate to part with more hard-earned cash this week – Kids of the Wild Gift Guide – some great ideas if I say so myself!

But please read on first.

The purpose of using Melnik’s stunningly detailed and perfectly precise shot is not to get you to buy more stuff and spend more money. I want us to spend something much more precious.

Time is of the Essence

The photo makes us stop and look, to take a moment longer than usual, even just a couple of seconds longer, to give it some time. Time you mightn’t normally allow in a busy day.

Certain events, occasions and things like sunsets, cute animals, this photograph, stop us in our tracks and make us find time in our busy schedules to take an extra moment. To stare. Breathe. Pause. Wonder.

Some experiences, like a child’s illness, a loved-one’s cancer diagnosis, take that pause even further. We realise that there is nothing really so important in life as being with that person in the present, spending as much time with them as we possibly can in case the unthinkable worst happens.

And in these days of screens and computer games, (when people often communicate that dinner’s ready via WhatsApp between rooms in the same house), spending quality time together isn’t even on the menu for many busy families.

Kids, adults, people, don’t want more ‘stuff’, more presents, more screens and screen-time, they want more us, more connection, more family time, time with friends, time outdoors too, if you’ve got kids of the wild. Time.

Image of 3 generations of a family on a country walk posing in front of fence with hills and fields behind
Family time, the best gift we can ever give

Spend Time Not Money?

We can’t change society in a day so I say, if we can, spend money AND time.

It only takes a quick phone call, a hug, a cuppa, a letter, an unexpected visit. A chat with the Big Issue seller, a wave to a housebound neighbour and, OK, if all else fails, send a WhatsApp message! Even sitting next to someone watching TV without being distracted by anything else.

Being present with each other in the moment, in the present time.

By all means grab a bargain this Black Friday, from me or anybody else, but let’s find the time to give each other an even more important gift; give the gift of our precious time.

The only moment we have is NOW.

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Happy Black Friday week and have some great TIME!