I’m not a great fan of homework for kids, but these are some excellent outdoor fun activities to try with the family on snowy days or when there’s no school. Fun winter inspiration for parents, carers, home schoolers, teachers & outdoor educators.

We didn’t get a snow day today 😪 For a change Northumberland has had less snow than the south.

We did get pea-sized hail this morning, and the estuary was frozen, but Caroline’s school are still spending their usual Friday at beach school! Rock hard northerners!

Outdoor Learning on a Snow Day

A friend (in the south) posted her school’s snow day homework suggestions on Facebook just this morning, where it’s obviously too cold for school, and being a huge advocate of outdoor learning I’ve had to steal it and share!

These are some really clever ideas for how to have fun on a snow day without the kids knowing they’re learning!

Image of five children in outdoor gear sat inside snow igloo without roof on in deep snow with house and trees behind

Image of child making an angel pattern in the snow

Too Cold for School

Here’s what the parents at Buryfields Infant School received:-

Snow Day Homework

Just because you aren’t in school today, it doesn’t mean you get a day off learning! Here are some of the things we would like you to do today:

  • Dress up really warm
  • Go sledging – a tray works if you haven’t got a sledge!
  • Snowmen are old school. Make a snow-something – an animal or have a go at making your class teacher!
  • Make a snow angel
  • Make hot chocolate with loads of marshmallows on top

Image of girl in blue outdoor gear sitting on blue plastic sledge flying through air over snow jump with man background


  • Measure how deep the snow is
  • Bake! (Try Kids of the Wild’s delicious and super-quick recipe for Singing Hinnies, perfect served warm after a day in the snow and ideal for kids to make!)
  • Make a symmetrical snowflake by painting half and folding the paper over

Science experiments

  • Does snow sink or float? Predict then test. Does it matter if it is a sprinkle or a snowball?
  • Who can make a snow-thing (person or animal or just a snowball) that lasts the longest? Where can you put it? Should you wrap it up in a blanket or will that make it melt faster?
  • Snowball firing range – set up some toys on a wall. Who can knock the most over?

Lastly and most importantly, have fun and make memories – who knows when it will snow again?!

How cool is this school!!

I love the firing range idea, so long as there’s a nice warm radiator waiting to dry off those brave teddies!

More Snow Day Activities

I’d add to this list having a snow fire in the dark, and night sledging too, if it carries on snowing this evening. Read more from our snowy visit to the Cotswolds last year.

And of course don’t forget to check on the neighbours and feed birds and wildlife, lots more ideas and info in things to do in the snow.

  • Freeze black paper & collect snowflakes to quickly view with a magnifier
  • Snowball fights
  • Build an igloo/snow hole
  • ‘Skeleton bobbing’
  • Snowboard on your sledge
  • Freeze water balloons containing food colouring
  • Jump in a snowdrift

Happy Snow Day everyone!

Let me know what you got up to, I’d love to see photos on the Kids of the Wild Facebook page.