I’ve got a blog!!! I never thought it would happen, so here’s a post. A new post in my own blog! 😉

It’s funny how writing can clarify the mind more efficiently than thinking, for me anyway. Writing about our outdoor adventures has highlighted that our family’s main way of experiencing the wild (and my main way of making some Oxygen Time – Energy for Parenting, Energy for Life) is by walking. It’s what I’m used to, being a dog owner.

Kids of the Wild (c) Lucy Holmes Photography
Guess who always gets to carry the poop bag?

It’s a great feeling to step outdoors, gulp down fresh air and move your body (doggy poop bags always in tow, obviously). You’re in charge, you choose the pace, the place and the distance and it gets you into the wild. Even nipping out for bread today there were birds to watch, butterflies and insects to spot, clouds and the weather to observe and, members of my own species to smile at!

Child-free Wildness

I thought I’d share some thoughts and photos on walking without kids since my oxygen-time walks are slightly different to walks with my wild little lady. To start with they’re usually quicker than expeditions with Caroline because, well, she’s not there, so I get a little more fitness for my money! Who knew just how slowly toddlers actually walk?

We’re well past the toddling stage now (phew!) yet even though Caroline’s six there’s little improvement in the speed of our walks because she’s infused with such a sense of the wild that she stops constantly to discover things, pointing out birds, bugs or droppings, climbing or hanging from any available apparatus (trees, fences, stiles, logs, bus stops, buildings, rocks) and yelling at us to wait as she diverts from the path to explore rocks, caves, streams, derelict buildings and more. I wouldn’t have it any other way of course, it’s a sign of a really wild-loving child but I have to admit that a brisk walk on my own is oxygen heaven.

Walk the Walk

Most days I walk early, just Fidgie and me around 7am for a gentle 20 or 30 minutes to kick-start the day. Later on Caroline and I walk together to the play park or down a stunning little woodland walk 5 minutes from home and sometimes to the beach, always with the dog. At weekends it’s often a big family expedition somewhere wild and windy.

Here are a few pics taken this week on some solo walks I managed while Caroline was at a 4-day urban sports workshop. One was an accidental 4-miler along the river Aln; stunning countryside, blue skies, happy hound swimming in the shallows and some unexpected artwork along the way.

Art in Nature

When you’re out in the wild there’s a surprise round every corner (including the one where the path shown on the map board didn’t exist on the ground resulting in a ‘minor’ diversion back into town and literally around the houses). Fortunately we weren’t late to collect Her Ladyship.  The other pics were taken along the beach in our stunning area of outstanding natural beauty.

Enjoy and wild wishes on your walking adventures!

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