Super-tired Super Mums (and Dads)

There’s no denying that life can be tiring and parenting demanding. Whole days can evaporate without a minute to draw breath or grab any ‘me time’.

Wild Daddy and I got together in our mid-30s and planned to have 3 children in 3 years…..WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!!! I was so comprehensively poleaxed by the fatigue of parenthood that I couldn’t even consider trying for another baby until Caroline was about three. Massive parental sleep deprivation seems to be one of the pitfalls of modern society.

Wild Parents

Parenting kids of the wild can be doubly exhausting. Caroline doesn’t sit in front of screens as much as other children and what she does get up to creates extra work; muddy, wet, sandy stuff, mountains of wellies, messy artwork, paint-stained carpets, mucky fingerprints, even snail trails in the bath.

More work for us super-frazzled wild parents.

Think Oxygen

This is a great mantra for parenting and life, especially for new Mums! Check out aircraft cabin decompression instructions: –
“Remember to secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs.”
In basic terms, you are no good to anyone if you pass out!

Kids of the Wild
“Remember to secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others with theirs.”

Apply this to family life and it simply means looking out for Number 1. Properly.
Ensure your own needs are met, with respect for your nearest and dearest and you’ll better meet the needs of your children.

I call it Oxygen Time and happily, lots of it involves getting into the wild.

Make time for Oxygen

Oxygen is nature’s elixir of life – without it we die – so Oxygen Time serves as a great metaphor for the moments we allow ourselves to keep our bodies and minds alive.

Whether you can squeeze in a minute or a weekend, there is plenty to do to feel rejuvenated and invigorated.

Here are some ideas to restoring energy and balance in a wild kids lifestyle. I can promise it will reap huge rewards in your interactions with your children, and everyone else.

1 minute     5 minutes       15 mins
Smile!          Tea & a book  Meditate
Breathe       Meditate          Write
Move            Grown-up colouring
Find a view
Go barefoot

1 hour         1 day              2 days
Dog walk   Meet friends Short break
Sleep          Spa day          Take a course

Kids of the Wild (c) Lucy Holmes Photography
Enjoying myself (in joy in myself) breathing in a little happy air

Smile – Charles Darwin first suggested links between smiling and happiness but don’t take his word for it, just do it

Breathe– don’t hunch, imagine raising your ribcage a tiny fraction and gently breathe, widening your ribs rather than lifting your shoulders to inhale. Find some happy air to breathe in

Move your body – stressed-out wild animals often shake, stamp or leap around to clear stress hormones after fight, flight or freeze reflexes. Do the same! Shake, jump, trampoline, run upstairs. Or put on a CD and dance wildly for 5 minutes

Look – find a view and soak it up. Staring into the distance relaxes the eyes, especially after close-up work. Try bird spotting or cloud gazing

Go barefoot – 5 minutes spent barefoot on grass helps relax and ground the body, connecting us with our natural rhythms

Tea and a book – brew a herbal tea and read a chapter. Pukka are one of the few companies producing plastic-free teabags. Yes, plastic is everywhere; one of my pet hates. More on that here

Grown-up colouring – I re-discovered the relaxation of colouring when Caroline was old enough to start it and I have not been surprised since, at how quickly the market for grown-up colouring has expanded

Meditate – a calm mind = a happier outlook. A wise man once said “If you can’t make time to meditate for 5 minutes a day then meditate for 15 minutes.” Headspace is a great App or try CDs at home, set up or join a group

Yoga – many yoga poses are based on animals or grounded in nature

Walk – in fresh air; up and down the street, in a park or to school/work occasionally instead of driving

Write – journalling is a great way to relax. Choose a topic and write

Sleep – set an alarm, find somewhere quiet but don’t worry if you can’t nod off, just enjoy the solitude

Gardening – this gets us into the fresh air, directly connecting us with nature. If you’re not green-fingered sit outside with your Pukka cuppa

Bathe – bring the ocean inside with a relaxing sea salt bath. I use Tidmans, Epsom or magnesium salts

Take a Shower – being a parent of the wild you’ll be outdoors lots and therefore showering lots too! Make this a mindful experience during even the briefest shower. Close your eyes and come up with a mantra e.g. ‘as I cleanse my body, so purify my find and help me this day my……to find’ inserting whatever word comes to mind and letting it be your thought for the day. Mine is often ‘patience’!

Go wild

So what’s stopping you? Close this blog right now, choose something from the list and take some time for YOU. Your children can only benefit. Having personally struggled to claw back me-time without feeling guilty for ‘neglecting’ family life, I can honestly say Wild (relaxed) Mums rock!